The Global Choices'
Emergency App Solution
provides insurers with the
ultimate customer-centric
and digital claim solution
under their brand

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“Empathy connects you 24hours a day to your customer.”
- Wimpie Van Der Merwe, CEO

In today’s digital world, clients expect their insurers to be available 24-hours a day through different touch points when a risk event happens.

This means that the insurer is able to resolve their risk event fast, efficiently and to optimise multiple objectives simultaneously.

Global Choices offers 24-hour emergency and risk incident management solutions.

We have incorporated our digital claim solutions on our emergency mobile app platform for the convenience of our insurance client to keep them connected, engaged and safe.

The Global Choices App is an innovative, customisable and relevant solution for insurance companies seeking to enhance value for their clients.

The app is compatible across all insurance platforms as well as the Global Choices web making it versatile and simple to use.

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We offer Insurers

Their own 24-hour emergency and claims call centre

Their own branded mobile phone emergency and claims app

An intelligent panic button and security solution (armed response) on your client’s mobile phone

The emergency incident manager captures vital visual information via our live video streaming functionality at the risk event for immediate emergency assessment

Their own digital self- service claims portal with API solutions for the policy administration platform

Their own branded live video streaming platform on the app or app-less for virtual pre-inspections or claim assessments

That their claim forms are digital, pre-populated and can be automatically fast tracked when submittedfrom the app or self-service claims portal

Notifying their clients of their drivers or vehicle license expiration, traffic fine notifications for payment and discounts on certain traffic fines

Let's work together to keep your clients connected, engaged and safe.

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