Global Choices: 24/7 Digital
Solutions for Communities

Explore the seamless digital solutions provided by Global Choices, offering round-the-clock omni-channel support tailored for Body Corporates and Community Schemes.


24/7 support for your body corporate or community schemes and on-demand and personalised service.
Experience unparalleled support from Global Choices’ 24hour Omni-channel digital solutions, elevating your body corporate, community schemes, and members precisely when they need it the most.

Count on our convenient and personalised on-demand service for seamless handling from risk events to claim facilitation.

We optimise multiple objectives to create shared experiences that are enhanced simultaneously across multiple devices, platforms and touchpoints.


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Experience hassle and stress-free support during emergencies, risks, and claims event occurs.
Branded 24-Hour Emergency Call Centre number and expert emergency case management services
Branded 24-Hour First Notice of Loss Service with prepopulated digital claim forms for swift processing
Seamlessly integrate with our API Platform Solutions for enhanced functionality
Benefit from our insurance risk assessment and maintenance reports
Access legal services and efficient levy recoveries
Stay prepared with our branded Body Corporate Emergency App and App-less platform, covering a wide range of emergencies including geysers, leak detection, burst pipes, security panic button, notifications, glass repairs, gate motors, and a dedicated WhatsApp Channel
Receive support through our Crime Victim Assist program

Trust us to be there
on your behalf,
every step of the way!

~Wimpie van der Merwe