On-demand and personalised service
Fires don’t just destroy property. They also destroy lives. Ensure your clients are cared for after suffering the trauma of a home or workplace fire. Trust us to provide unparalled support to your policyholders, when they need it on your behalf.


Our Fire Assist cover includes a 24-hour call center number and fire emergency case response, with the option of a branded App or WhatsApp for easy access during fire emergencies
The services include Private and Public First Response for residential stands, medical response to the scene of an emergency, security response to disaster sites, and armed response through an app-based service.

Temporary accommodation, pet accommodation, temporary storage costs, and trauma counselling are also provided.

Global Choices also provides fire risk assessments and proactive risk management solutions for homeowners, such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire blankets, and monitoring services.


We optimise multiple objectives to create shared experiences that are enhanced simultaneously across multiple devices, platforms, and touchpoints, including:

Emergency call centre number

Live tracking of response units

Private First Response Service (Gauteng)

Branded Assist App and WhatsApp: Global Choices offers a range of contact options in case of a fire, including our Fire App and WhatsApp platforms

Public First Response Service (Nationwide)

Medical and Security response to the disaster site:
We will dispatch a response vehicle to the scene of a fire and immediately secure the property

24-hour total care and support

Branded Assist App and WhatsApp Channel
Claims Case Management on Result and Damage Assessment
Temporary Security at Property After Fire
Temporary Accommodation:
We will contribute to the cost of temporary housing if required
Trauma Counselling and support: Counseling will help you move from being a victim to a victor!
Temporary Pet Accommodation:
If your pets need somewhere to stay because of the fire, we will contribute to the cost of temporary accommodation
Temporary Storage:
We will assist with costs associated with the temporary storage of your belongings
Experience a seamless
support journey with us!

~Wimpie van der Merwe